Thursday, 9 May 2013

// NEW WORK // Fashion Editorial

So you may have seen a few sneak peeks revealed on my Facebook page over the last couple of weeks?...

Well, I have just completed my first ever official fashion editorial! YAY!! I was commissioned by new online fashion publication, Never Underdressed by Shorlist Media, to create three 'Fashematic' illustration editorials as a feature for their launch.

Each illustrated 'Fashematic' equation provides a break down of inspiration behind international collections by Louise Gray, Fendi and Celine.

Never Underdressed was launched only this week, and is the UK's first freestanding digital glossy aimed at affluent stylish women. It combines original fashion and beauty shoots and video, with up-to-the-minute news, galleries and features. Go check it out!

The Queen + Tesco Value = Louise Gray #4

Carebear + Punk Mohawk = Fendi #24
Laundry bag + Hug = Celine #22

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