Saturday, 16 November 2013

New Town. New Job. New Life

The last half of this year has flown! I haven't blogged for ages... May infact. May, when I was contemplating what my next move was going to be. Where was my life/career going? 

Since graduating in 2011 and working part-time in retail, as well as working endless hours on my design and illustration work, I felt life was taking its toll and I wasn't progressing anywhere. I decided enough was enough and wanted things to change. I was striving for more. So, on the 6th June I packed a suitcase, and with a one way ticket to Brighton in my hand, I jumped on a train with no idea what was going to happen...

This. Was. The. Most. Scariest. Time. Of. My. Life. 

.... But. It turns out that move was a good move and being brave enough to do what I did paid off. Within two weeks (two weeks of trauling around design agencies pushing my work on every single creative director I could get hold of) I bagged myself the perfect new job. 

I am now a full-time retail graphic designer and illustrator working with some of the high streets most prolific retailers and supermarkets. I can't believe that I can finally say "this is my full-time job" 

I'd love to be showing you all what I've been working on for the last few months but everything is shush shush for now until they hit stores. Until then... I'll share my inspiration and experiences of my new life in Brighton. Be prepared for plenty of pictures of fish and chips, the beach and the pier (which you've probably seen plenty of if you follow me on Instagram!)

What has been your bravest life experience/change so far? I would love to learn of your experience :) 


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